Special Projects: On-going

"Partners’ Meeting" for “LIFE for SEA-ED”

(Learning to Investigate by Field Experiment for Southeast Asian Emerging Diseases): Work Package 1: Preparation (Current Expertise and Needs Assessment)

Date: 2-4 April 2018
Venue:  Picnic Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


The objectives of the Seminar/Workshop include:


  1. Discuss the results of Work Package #1 (Assessment of Expertise and Needs Analysis related to the four major areas of concern);
  2. Identify courses/credit units to be enhanced based on the results of WP#1;
  3. Agree on the timelines of Work Packages #2-5, Plan for Work Packages # 2-5;
  4. Clarify major administrative and logistical issues for a smooth implementation of the LIFE SEA-ED project.


At the end of the workshop, Work Packages’   group in consideration of the initial results of WP #1  have:


  • Chosen the specific course/s subject/s where enhancement will be done;
  • Agree on the enhancement of the courses in relation to additional content (if needed) , and educational support materials;
  •  Agree on the specific content of the educational support materials in consideration of the different major areas and sub-topics per area; and
  • Develop a work plan in relation to WP# 2-5.