Regional Centre for Microbiology,
Parasitology and Entonomy

(TROPMED/ Malaysia)




TROPMED Malaysia, the Institute for Medical Research (IMR), is one of the research institutions under National Institute of Health (NIH), Ministry of Health Malaysia. It's vision is to be a:


"world renowned institution for biomedical research".


It's mission is to "Improve health" by:

  • Research-carrying out quality biomedical research to address national health priorities;
  • Specialized diagnostics- providing specialized diagnostic services;
  • Training- building national capacity through technology transfer and consultative
    services; and
  • Consultancies- providing advisory services.


IMR's main function as a Regional Centre of SEAMEO TROPMED Network (TROPMED Malaysia) is to facilitate the strengthening of individual and institutional capabilities in microbiology, parasitology and entomology through various training and postgraduate degree programmes, linkages, personnel exchanges, scientific forums, technical consultancy services, research projects, publications and information dissemination.

The year 2013-2014 was both a challenging and successful year for TROPMED Malaysia as it continues to develop in several dimensions. The last quarter of the reporting year also saw a change in leadership at the Centre. This accomplishment report for the year offers a glance of some of its most notable achievements and activities as it continued to pursue its vision.